Wednesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

David Trott, Sir John Hegarty and Sir Alan Parker take a look at old Volkswagen ads (video above). 

-Marketing Week’s Mark Ritson says, “We’re all killing our businesses by giving the hard work away for free.”

-AdAge explains “Why P&G Decided Facebook Ad Targeting Often Isn’t Worth the Money.”

-Adweek talks with Jim Gaffiganon the Best Ad Campaign He Ever Shot—and Nobody Saw.”

-The National Advertising Division (NAD) said Comcast should stop claiming it “delivers the fastest Internet in America.”

Ben Williams, head of operations at Adblock Plus, says Facebook “alienates audience by blocking ad-blockers.”

Polar’s Q2 Benchmarks Report on Branded Content found that brands are “producing less creatives per campaign” but “creating an increasing number of variations.”

-Adweek takes a look around 22squared’s Tampa office.