Wednesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-BETC Paris launched “Dakar” for Peugeot (video above).

-The New York Time‘s Farhad Manjoo finally confirms that millenials are not real. Forward this piece to all your clients ASAP.

A U.K. campaign with the Britain Stronger in Europe headline “has been designed knowing that youths will probably take the piss out of it.”


“Corporate beer overlords” are basically holding companies now. WPP should acquire A-B InBev next.

Instagram loves data even more than it loves pictures of your dog.

Even Derek Jeter has a “content studio” now.

Two U.K. vets launch Partisan, an “OOH communications agency.” So they only do billboards?

Laura Maness calls the #PostItWars “a testament to Havas’ creative command and an expression of our creative culture,” but the real winners are #brands.

Why is Maurice backing startups now? He’s just that confident in his agencies, duh.