Wednesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Mother London created a spot for Stella Artois raising awareness of the global water crisis and explaining how the brand is trying to help (video above).

-Business Insider lists “The 30 most creative people in advertising under 30.”

-Variety explains “Why Madison Avenue Is Late To This Year’s Game.”

-Adweek explores how “Facebook Is Expanding Its Burgeoning Ad Network to the Mobile Web.”

Video ad tech company Teads released a study which found pre-roll ads greatly increase the installation of ad-blocking software.

-Adweek takes a look at Abe Vigoda‘s commercial appearances.

-The BAM Connection CEO Maureen Maldari asks “When did Agency of Record become a dirty word?

-Digiday shares “Confessions of a junior copywriter: ‘Your ideas will get shat on.’