Wednesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-KATU-TV is refusing to air an ad for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference, despite previously agreeing to air it (video above).

-W+K London’s “Keep Up” speed-reading ad for Honda was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for encouraging fast driving.

-The New York Times examines “Ad Blockers and the Nuisance at the Heart of the Modern Web.”

-The Wall Street Journal explores fast food’s scramble to offer fresh ingredients.

-New rules from the Committees of Advertising Practice in the U.K. require vloggers to inform viewers when they are paid to endorse a product.

-Research firm Gartner released its newest hype cycle report.

-Panera pledged to remove an artificial preservative for this fall’s pumpkin spice latte.

-Adweek explains “How This Agency’s Completely Blank 4-Minute YouTube Video Got 100,000 Views.”