Web Ads Overtake TV in UK

By Matt Van Hoven 

Reuters reports that in 2008, Internet ad spending will surpass TV ad spending in the UK. Sites like Google will take an estimated 19 percent of all ad sales, for everything from keywords to HTML (Tribble clued us in, since reading isn’t such a strong point I was too busy reading T5C).

“Our forecast for 2008 is that online advertising expenditure will grow 26.4 percent in nominal terms to 3.56 billion pounds ($7 billion), overtaking TV ad spend, which we expect to fall 2.5 percent to 3.39 billion pounds.”

As you’d likely guess, Google will continue to be the strongest ad model in Britain’s online market. But with impending financial doom for the island nation, will it last?

Well, it seems to me that out of work people will spend more time on the internet than they will watching TV. It’s easier to feel productive when sitting in front of a computer all day, especially when many of us do just that all day at work. But anyway, with increasing eyes on computer screens, it only adds up that ad dollars end up there too.