We Noticed…

By Matt Van Hoven 

We couldn’t find the latest Humana insurance ad anywhere, but we did nab this pic from their Web site &#151 their nifty whiteboard ad looks a lot like this UPS spot, doesn’t it? The whiteboard is a great tool for explaining how something works &#151 and it was a nice way for UPS to tell you how their service can save you time and money.

But Humana’s version of this execution is uninspired. And though we can argue about whether it’s important for an insurance commercial to be anything other than easy to understand, the fact remains that making a list and then underlining key words isn’t all that helpful. “And” isn’t a key word, and drawing an arrow down when the natural thing to do after reading a line of print is to um, go down to the next line is redundant. It’s like they’re saying, “hey, let me show you how to peel a banana.” Thanks Humana, but this isn’t our first rodeo.

Here’s a question &#151 how many takes were necessary for our man Sam to get the arrow and underline right? In our estimation, the UPS guy had it much harder.

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