We Hear: What’s Going on at Fallon?

By Kiran Aditham 

Since July 29, we’ve received word basically every other day from different tipsters that there were cuts made at Fallon Minneapolis. While we normally don’t bat an eye when there’s a one-off tip here and there about layoffs, which at times is due to someone’s need to stir the pot, consider our eyebrows raised by the amount of tips we’ve received about this and their frequency in such a short period of time.

We’ve heard numbers thrown out like 20 in terms of the amount of layoffs, with departments ranging from creative to media to production being affected over the past 10 days. We’re still trying to get some sort of clarification or at least confirmation about what’s going on, but after several attempts to reach the Fallon camp, we have yet to hear anything back. Could this just be a continuation of the “adjustments” that they made back in June? The agency’s usually been fairly responsive to us about these matters, so to not even get a  “no” were this not true strikes us as odd. Anyhow, we’re still pursuing this, but if you have any more info, give us a shout in tips or at agencyspy at gmail dot com.

Update: Another tipster has weighed in this morning with this note, which is along the lines of what we’ve been hearing since early last week:  “What’s going on at Fallon is that they lost NBC, which was their only media business and also subsidized positions in other departments.” We’re trying to locate Fallon’s media director, who apparently was on vacation last week, to shed more light on this.