We Hear: Royal Caribbean Review Winding Down

By Patrick Coffee 

The Royal Caribbean creative review for North America, announced back in February, appears to be nearing its conclusion.

A couple of weeks ago an almost-precise source told us that the number of agencies involved had narrowed to three, and a company rep later confirmed to our colleague that four shops were competing for the business.

Now a reader tells us that the group of four is down to two.

We can’t yet confirm this tip, and the client has not been particularly forthcoming in the past. But the claim is surprising in that our source says the two parties eliminated were the biggest and “edgiest” agencies involved.

This leads us to believe that, as with many other clients, Royal Caribbean wants to play things relatively safe and scale down future campaigns in the interest of minimizing both risks and costs.

We should get the official word soon enough.

NOTE: the two shops no longer in the review would be Deutsch NY and Droga5. We thought it was pretty obvious, but…