We Hear: Redscout Makes Some Cuts? (Updated)

By Kiran Aditham 

We’ve been hearing about this since Friday, but the most recent tip, if true, gives us a better idea of what’s recently been going on at MDC-owned strategy/design firm, Redscout. Perhaps the most notable takeaway from this tip is the alleged status of Redscout Ventures, which was opened by Roo Rogers back in January 2010. We’re checking with all sides for verification on this story, but in the meantime, here’s the latest tip we received over the weekend verbatim:

“5 people laid off at redscout (strategy and innovation shop)…redscout ventures completely shut down…the 5 people laid off are all strategists (first time redsocut has had to lay-off strats) across functions and signify >10% of nyc office…i, unfortunately, was included in those five.

would appreciate you posting this (would help recruiters know/other agencies understand my situation, and the other great strats that got let go).


Update: Sources familiar with the matter confirm that there were some cuts made (no numbers given) and that Redscout Ventures will not be operating as its own entity as the agency increases its “focus on…core business of innovation.”