We Hear: Jamie Gallo To Be Named President of TBWA/Chiat/Day NY Today

By Matt Van Hoven 

Update: The jamie gallo announcement was made to tbwa staffers Friday, and was met by staffers “with a lukewarm response. he’s not well liked.”

When we reported that Robert LaPlea left TBWA/Chiat/Day New York, you all had good things to say about him. The same can’t be said for LaPlea’s rumored successor, Jamie Gallo, who we’re told (by many of you) is to be announced as the new president, today. The e-mails we’ve received about his alleged take over are not so nice.

Currently, Gallo is the executive group director at t/c/d who you may recall having done some work on that Absolut campaign way back when. Wonder how Corey Mitchell feels about the whole thing.

We contacted the agency about Gallo’s alleged takeover, but a representative did not respond before publication. Feel free to e-mail us back Jeremy, whenever you’re free.

Here’s what you guys said about LaPlea:


“Well this would be the loss of one of the “good guys”. He has been with that agency forever and was instrumental in keeping their largest client Nissan and doing some of the great work. Real shame but the air is thin up at the top at TBWA — not a lot of room except for a few with the most power. If it is true, then some other agency is going to get someone great. What agency out there is looking for a seasoned guy with his kind of leadership?”


“Bummer for Chiat… he was the only guy there that didn’t fight for the limelight, just did his job well and made the company better by being sane and reasonable and smart. Huge loss.”


“Robert is one of the very few honorable people at Chiat and a gentleman to boot. Carisa’s reign will last as long as Lee is there. Remember Corey who moved to NYC from the LA office?

This is the Chiat disease.”


“I wish Robert well &#151 one of the true class acts of this business.”


“Echoing all that has been said so far. Robert is a tremendous talent, and one of the true, genuine nice guys.”


“Robert has truly been a class act; one whose vision for client success was as ambitious as his vision to develop incredibly thoughtful agency talent and smart work.

He will truly be missed by those who understand his contributions.”

Update: To be fair to Mr. Gallo, here’s a comment someone wrote about him.

“Jamie Gallo is one of the greatest guys in the business. He brought me in there many years ago and even though I’m no longer there, he’s one of the most supportive of creative, hardest driving leaders and honest guys I’ve ever dealt with.”

We’ll fill you in on this story when we have more. Anyone with information can e-mail matt@mediabistro.com, agencyspy@gmail.com, IM/Twitter AgencySpy, call us at 212.547.7935 or of course utilize the anonymous tips box.

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