We Hear: Creative Departures at R/GA’s Hustle

By Patrick Coffee 

This is a vague one, but today sources can confirm that Hustle L.A., the unit R/GA established to work on the Beats account before it got all that sweet Apple money, went through a round of Creative Revolving Door this week.

Like Media Arts Lab and Huge’s Apple shop Elephant, this one doesn’t have much of a web presence, much less a definitive staff list. And the parent agency itself understandably did not respond to our request for more information.

But sources do tell us that a small number of staffers were let go, most of them in the Hustle creative department. It’s not clear how senior their positions were or what percentage of the team was affected.

As for the why, our sources attribute this round of limited layoffs to the standard “changing client needs.” That could be anything from “streamlining production” to “fewer videos, more social activations.” Given the client in question, R/GA wouldn’t be able to clarify regardless.

Maybe Apple Music isn’t a massive runaway hit like, say, Tidal?