We Hear: Alma Wins Sprint’s Hispanic Business

By Patrick Coffee 

We have no official confirmation at this time, but sources tell us that the latest winner in Sprint’s ongoing relaunch/review is Miami-based Hispanic agency Alma.

As we know, Marcelo Claure became president/CEO of the phone company last August–and since then he has taken the traditional new executive route by tweaking everything about the company he runs, including its relationships with all of its agencies.

One aspect of his “rollout” was a campaign created by Dallas-based Inspire, which won the sprint advertising and PR accounts in 2012. The ad, which ran on Univision, marked the company’s attempt to peel a larger share of the Spanish-speaking market away from its key competitors Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.

The spot starred Claure, who used the opportunity to introduce himself to Hispanic audiences and review his accomplishments as “not only the first Hispanic CEO of Sprint, but the first foreign-born Hispanic to lead any major U.S. telecommunications firm.”

Here it is via AdAge:

A spokesperson for Sprint told us today that the company has “nothing to announce at this time,” and Alma also declined to comment.

This is not particularly surprising. We broke news of Deutsch LA’s pending victory over Arnold in the Sprint creative review last November nearly six weeks before the client gave the “exclusive” to AdAge.

Updates when they come in.