WE ARE Pi, Wrangler Were ‘Born Ready’

By Erik Oster 

Amsterdam-based agency WE ARE Pi launched a new campaign for Wranger entitled “Born Ready.”

The campaign is built around a 60-second spot based around the idea that Wrangler is, and always has been, ready for the outdoors. A voiceover lists common tropes from advertising extolling the outdoors, such as “beardy guy with fresh fish,” and “campfire cookout with cocktails and instruments and a dog,” over an acoustic soundtrack that is equally cliche. The spot then turns on the artificiality, with the line “But you know what else is out here? Nature. So if you give the city the slip, you better be ready for surprises” as the camera pans out to show the enormity of the woods and an approaching storm. The implication is that Wrangler keeps you prepare for the less celebrated aspects of the outdoors, so you can enjoy all of the the good parts. There are also a pair of 15-second spots which promote the brand as “Cold Ready” and “Rain Ready.”

Wrangler Cold Ready from WE ARE Pi on Vimeo.

Wrangler Rain Ready from WE ARE Pi on Vimeo.