Watch A Working Lunch Via Bridge Worldwide

By SuperSpy 

Cincinnati agency, Bridge Worldwide, has launched a new site just for you folks eating lunch at your desk. Instead of actually finishing that Powerpoint deck, you can watch a group of improv actors and direct their ongoing story line at agency Delaney, Delaney, Delaney. The vignettes are performed four times an hour, noon to 4 p.m.

Occasionally, the group hits that Arrested Development note of irony paired with dead pan humor. Hard to do. Other times, well, it’s not the funny, but what can you expect from improv? Especially, when the plot is being determined by viewers. The other issue is that when you’re watching it live, sometimes you can hear the production crew laughing in the background. It spoils the voyeuristic vibe, but still, it’s kind of cute.

The whole shebang is sponsored content by Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers. And that’s really, where I get confused. Healthy Choice is all about a healthy lifestyle. Yes, I understand that Healthy Choice has been targeting workers. It’s the slice of mix messaging (sit on your ass, answer email, eat your heated up meal and watch TV) that twists my head a little bit. Perfection in advertising? Also very hard to achieve.

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