W2O Group Revitalizes LAP-BAND with ‘It Fits’

By Erik Oster 

W2O Group has a new campaign for Apollo Endosurgery, Inc., “the leader in minimally invasive endoscopic surgical products for bariatric and gastrointestinal procedures,” aimed at “rejuvenating the LAP-BAND® System” — which was acquired in late 2013 by Apollo Endosurgery, Inc. of Austin, Texas, from Allergan, Inc. — “and educating a broad range of patients about the benefits of the minimally-invasive weight loss procedure.”

Entitled “It Fits,” the multi-channel campaign features television spots, digital, print, a new logo, revitalized website, and the launch of @LAPBAND. The 60-second television spot, entitled “Moments,” features a series of individuals enjoying their newly found weight loss in various situations: receiving a hug from a daughter, putting on a plane seatbelt, slipping on a ring. “Discover how thousands of people are fitting into old, and new, things,” intones the voiceover — so long as you aren’t worried about the (rare) possibility of “re-operation, band-slippage, stomach injury, removal and fatalities” and aren’t scared of a little “vomiting and heartburn.” “Moments” is pretty much exactly what you’d expect for an ad in this category, complete with obligatory sentimental piano music.


“With the increasing prevalence of obesity in the United States, the Apollo Endosurgery team decided that it was time to refresh the brand and inspire people who have tirelessly tried everything else to lose weight, with little to no success, to finally conquer their weight issue with the LAP-BAND® System,” said Dennis McWilliams, president and chief commercial officer of Apollo Endosurgery. “The LAP-BAND® System’s benefits speak for itself, so now is the time to raise awareness and let people know this could potentially be their weight loss solution.” Stick around for credits after the jump.



Agency: W2o Group

Chief Creative Officer: Mike Hartman

Creative Director: Jessica Maxwell

Associate Creative Director: Christopher Herz

Art Directors: Lisa Ackley, Kristen Bell

Copywriter: Maura Florkowski

Designers: Stefan Knecht, Elina Berzins

Content Strategist: Cynthia Fedor

Director of Content and Engagement: Scott Kramer

Director of Content Production: Boris Undorf