VML and Wendy’s Are Like, ‘OMG Bacon, LOL’

By Patrick Coffee 

Deutsch L.A. finds it on shoes, in malls, as a USB drive and in the smell of a favorite cologne. Venables Bell & Partners calls it a crucial part of the extreme athlete’s “Paleo Diet.” 360i wishes its turkey variety got a little more love.

We’re talking bacon, of course–and a new digital campaign for Wendy’s by VML has a slightly different take on your favorite pork product, which plays a starring role in the chain’s iconic “Baconator.”

In the first video, voice actor Billy West of Ren & Stimpy(!) and Futurama helps some Millennial bacon strips deal with their body image issues.


The only thing missing from that completely accurate portrait of “kids today” is the ubiquitous selfie stick. We visited our local beach over the long weekend and encountered a couple of teens who did nothing but take selfies and pretend they were having fun FOR FOUR HOURS. It was more than a little disturbing.

Next, here’s why all insecure pork slabs with futures in advertising should say “no” to microwaves:

Finally, The Baconator deals with that ever-present teenage temptation: smoking.

Wendy’s VP of digital/social Brandon Rhoten was very honest with Marketing Daily about the campaign, saying that it’s all about wooing the bros in their 20s:

“Bacon as a product is really a young man’s kind of thing. We’re not getting a lot of moms on their way to soccer practice eating these things.”

The idea was to parody all those after school specials that preceded our favorite ’90s cartoons like, say, Ren & Stimpy. But is the Baconator as good at being a middle-aged man impersonating a teenager as these radical dudes?



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