Videographers: Energy BBDO Wants Your Chicago Story

By Bob Marshall 

Chicago-based Energy BBDO is on the hunt for a post-production assistant versed in editing, motion graphics and videography. But, as the bar for employment gets ever higher and more elusive, the agency is asking for a little more supplemental material to go with that resume and cover letter. Hey, at least this job application doesn’t have anything to do with Twitter, which is pretty refreshing.

As opposed to any social media wizardry, the agency instead wants 30-60 second video from applicants detailing their own story about Chicago. It doesn’t even matter whether or not you’re a Windy City resident. According to its ad on Craiglist, Energy BBDO says, “It’s a purposely vague assignment. We’ll be looking for your ability tell a creative, yet focused narrative in a very quick timeframe.”

Interested in the job, but not from the area? Well, maybe you once saw the Oscar-winning movie musical Chicago and thought it was okay. Make a video about it (by April 21); it counts. Maybe you once lost your luggage at O’Hare. Maybe during Lollapalooza 2008, you broke into the artist area once the security guards left the press tent for the day, watched Rage Against the Machine play from behind the south stage, and then ran onstage after the band’s encore to look out at a sea of tens of thousands of people, waved hello to the confused crowd looking back at you and then ran out of Grant Park. Not that I know of that happening to anyone, but it would make a pretty cool video, right?

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