Victors & Spoils Finally Opens Up About Clientele

By Matt Van Hoven 

The small Crispin-alum run Victors & Spoils has for sometime now operated under tight PR restrictions and as such hasn’t spoken much about who their clients are or, more importantly, what the crowdsourcing agency has done for them. Today, after 6 months of operation, we at least know who a few of their clients are.

In a post on his blog, V&S principal John Winsor opens up:

“Thank you…to our clients Dish Network, General Mills, Virgin, and Brown-Forman; to our confidential clients in financial services, quick service restaurants and consumer packaged goods…”

Winsor goes on to thank pretty much everyone in advertising for, in some undeclared way, helping the shop get off the ground. Ben Malbon, Bud Cadell, James Sherritt, Gareth Kaye, Faris Yacob, Edward Boches, Jon Bond, Ty Montague, Alex Bogusky, Len Kendall, Mat Ranauro, Shaun Abramson, Winston Binch and Mike Samson.

So what has the crowdshop been doing? Still don’t know, but according to Winsor “everything from TV and radio to brand strategy, from digital to social media, and from product design to service design to graphic design.” We reached out to Winsor for more details on the work, but he indicated his agency is still locked up. The work starts breaking next month.

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