Venables Bell & Partners Launches Its First Campaign for Blue Moon

By Patrick Coffee 

Last August, MillerCoors launched the last in its series of agency reviews, this one for the faux-craft brew Blue Moon. That account eventually went to VB&P as part of a win streak that included Adidas Golf, Celebrity Cruises and Playstation Vue, and today the agency debuted its first work for Blue Moon.

The campaign is called “Something’s Brewing”–and unlike its predecessor “Artfully Crafted,” it focuses less on the beer in question than the general notion of, you know, creativity.

Here’s “Brewer.”

So the company’s brewmaster was inspired by his love of oranges, because no one has ever thought to put an orange peel into a beer before. Especially not a white one.

In case you missed it, the art design highlights kirigami, or a type of origami that used cut paper to create the miniature city in the spot’s opening scenes.

This new work is part of a larger rebrand for Blue Moon. In addition to the anthem spot and the new agency partner, the company has altered its packaging a bit. The new designs hit shelves on April 1st.

Summer Sampler 2016

Beyond all this, the company recently opened a new brewery in Denver. From the press release:

“It became clear we needed to recruit new consumers into craft, and welcome drinkers into a beer that is both confident and playful, sophisticated and fun. This led us to looking at not only our advertising, but the entire brand experience.

We needed to shift the lens from solely being about our creativity to being inclusive of our drinker’s creativity.”

That kind of makes sense, but why the big changes?

Because this year is Blue Moon’s 21st anniversary…so it’s finally drinking age.


Agency: Venables Bell & Partners
Director: Dante Ariola
Artist Group: Floyd Albee & Team, MJZ (VB&P’s production team)