VEEV Wants You to ‘Cheat on Your Vodka’

By Erik Oster 

Zambezi has a new campaign for VEEV, “the world’s first Acai berry spirit,” asking you to “Cheat on your vodka.” As you may recall, this comes on the heels of Nail’s “Cheat on Greek” campaign for Stonyfiueld Organic, so it would appear that figurative adultery with food and beverages is popular at the moment.

For “Cheat on your vodka,” Zambezi imagines vodka as a grotesque older woman who has apparently been peeling potatoes (you know, because vodka is made from potatoes), questioning a man who she believes is cheating on her. She asks if she’s “too boring” and if she doesn’t “mix as well,” claiming she can smell betrayal on him. He’s pretty quick to relent, admitting his betrayal of vodka for VEEV without much pressure. The ad will run in 60 and 30 second formats online as both pre-roll and in-ad placements. It marks the first marketing campaign for VEEV since its 2007 inception.



Agency: Zambezi

Founder, Executive Creative Director: Brian Ford

Founder, Managing Director: Chris Raih

Creative Director: Jon Runkle                                                          

Art Director: Chris Rutkowski                          

Copywriter: Jaysn Kim

Executive Producer: Alex Cohn                         

Producer: Katrina Nahikian

Director of Account Management: Pete Brown

Account Supervisor:  Claudia Rosa


Production Company:  Piece Productions                                                                                                      

Director: Jon Runkle                                                                          

Director of Photography: Andrew Gage                                                        

Editor: Ling Ly