VCCP London Launches First Major Campaign for Canon

By Erik Oster 

After entering into an international creative partnership with San Francisco’s MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER, London-based agency VCCP picked up integrated creative duties for Canon. The selection followed a review which saw VCCP pitch against Grey’s Possible and take over for six incumbents (including JWT London, which formerly handled creative duties) as Canon’s first integrated agency.

VCCP began working with Canon in January and has just launched its first major EMEA campaign for the brand,  entitled “Live for the Story.”

The 60-second spot, “Boundaries,” opens on a boy who decides to explore the neighborhood on his bike. As he reaches the end of his street, he suddenly appears as an adventurous young man — who we soon learn is willing to risk his neck on all types of adventures.

The only direct appearance made by the brand is as an easy-to-miss background accessory. VCCP appears more concerned with tying Canon to a well-shot (and especially well-lit) carpe diem anthem ad than convincing viewers to reach for a Canon instead of their smart phone cameras.

“The whole point  is to get people to reassess Canon, to think differently about a brand they have either known of old, or have never come across before,” Canon senior campaign manager Steve Marsh told Adweek. “It inspires people to go out there and tell their story, and the boundaries you create are the ones you make yourself.”

“You have to take an active role and put yourself in a place where great stories can happen,” added VCCP senior creative Seb Housden. “The places you haven’t been, the people you haven’t met—they aren’t part of your world until you’re willing to go out there and find them. The concept of illuminating these stories around you stems from this belief that great stories happen when you push your boundaries.”