VB&P Finds Some Working Class Heroes in Its First Campaign for Sheraton

By Patrick Coffee 

It’s been almost a year since the folks over at Venables Bell & Partners won the creative review for Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ Sheraton and Westin brands.

We’ve seen the Bay Area agency’s first work for Westin, which aimed at business travelers looking to maintain their health and productivity regimens under the “Let’s Rise” tag. The new Sheraton work, though, focuses on reaching those who travel with a bit more baggage (in the good way!).

The theme of this campaign is “Go Beyond,” as in “even the lowliest Sheraton employees will go beyond the requirements of their jobs to serve you, customer.”

Case in point: this very British-looking man.

The copy reads, “What drove this fully uniformed associate to dive in and propel his way to the deep?”

It wasn’t the promise of a bonus, readers. And it didn’t involve any potential “The Night Manager”-style adventures with balding men of mystery, international or otherwise.

There’s a behind the scenes video for this campaign, but you really need to check out the print executions first to get all the variations on the “Go Beyond” theme.

go beyond 1

go beyond 2

go beyond 3

Now here’s some making-of action.

That was indeed a wrap on advertising imitating life. But we didn’t see any Venables people in that short…