VB&P Celebrates Everyday Athletes for Reebok

By Erik Oster 

Instead of enlisting celebrity endorsements, VB&P celebrates the everyday athlete in “Freak Show,” the launch of a new “Be More Human” campaign for Reebok.

“Are we weirdos? Can we be obsessive, fanatical, extreme?” asks voiceover at the beginning of the spot, over footage of suburbanites training hard. After acknowledging that some of those things may be true, the ad goes on to ask, “Why do we do it?” The answer, is self-improvement: “To be more human,” the ad concludes.

“By adopting such a lifestyle, you find yourself in a community of people joined together by a common purposeā€”to be better versions of themselves,”Reebok Brand President Matt O’Toole told Adweek. “We’re confident that when we push ourselves, we not only transform our bodies, we transform our entire lives.”

“Freak Show” will make its broadcast debut this Sunday during NBC’s Super Bowl pregame coverage. Its approach, while certainly not without precedent, should come as something of a reprieve from the barrage of celebrity-filled ads clogging up Super Bowl airtime. It also should appeal to the kind of CrossFit gurus Reebok has courted with recent campaigns, making “Be More Human” seem like a pretty natural evolution for the brand.