VaynerMedia Original Hustler Steve Campbell Leaves for the Blog Life

By Patrick Coffee 

VaynerMedia veteran Steve Campbell has moved on to a higher plane in Colorado.

The longtime copywriter, who was one of Gary Vaynerchuck’s first hires beyond the core team that founded the agency back in 2009, officially left last week after 6+ years. He moved to Colorado to dedicate himself full-time to his property The Ascent, a blog/vlog about business inspiration.

Last Friday, he released a video saying goodbye to all his colleagues in New York and explaining his plans. In the clip, Campbell explains how he got that first VaynerGig as an intern and goes through a bit of the Gary mythology in the process while also talking about his new move.


Here’s the YouTube version.

You’re all about to see a shit-ton of content.

Beyond that, though, Campbell says he’s going to offer personal brand consulting and related services based on his time spent with Gary and the Vayner team, most recently with its vaynerTalent division. (In case you missed it late last year, that part of the business is a combination of public relations, social media management and production work.)

Some of the more important things he learned during his tenure, according to this late 2015 post on The Ascent, are that culture is critical and that one must “become a student of the game.” This game, we presume, is the age-old practice of convincing people to spend money on stuff that you’re being paid to promote. You know, marketing.

This intro video for The Ascent also gives us a sense of what Steve is aiming for here.

Now, before you guys start to talk shit, maybe remember that he almost certainly makes more money than you. And he likes the beer.