Vancouver Agency Head Arrested for Being Drug Mule

By Matt Van Hoven 

On April 26, Chris Neary (pictured, left) and Daryl Fontana (pictured, right) were arrested in a Washington park on drug smuggling charges. The pair, who hadn’t met before that day, were with two other people. Between them the four were carrying about 135 pounds of marijuana they’d smuggled into the US from Canada, until they were arrested (along with the guy sent to pick up the stuff). This story is unremarkable except for one fact: both Neary and Fontana are respected Vancouver businessmen &#151 and Neary is a well-known marketing pro who owns his own shop, called FRANK.

Neary and Fontana were found huddled in the woods and two backpacks filled with sealed pot bags were found stashed nearby. They were discovered by two customs agents who followed their snow-shoe tracks through an area known for drug and human smuggling. Each man would have made an estimated $8-10k for his efforts, according to various reports. Per the National Post:

“Mr. Neary, a rising star in Vancouver marketing, is a former director of marketing for Telus and helped mastermind the company’s trademark animal advertisements. In his mid-thirties, he now owns Frank Communications, a Vancouver advertising agency, dates a celebrity fitness instructor and, according to letters of support filed in court, volunteers by teaching art to children in Grade 6. Mr. Neary said he ‘really f—– this one up,’ according to court documents. He added that he is ‘pretty broke right now.’

Both Neary and Fontana cited financial woes as motive. Neither has a criminal history (that we’re aware of). Fontana co-owns a fitness center with his wife, and has three kids. Both men have been released on bail.

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