Urgent Content, Bird, MediaStorm Make Nifty Flip Mino Campaign

By Matt Van Hoven 

Urgent Content is an agency (of sorts) founded by two former CurrentTV guys, Brandon Gross and Henry Goldman, whose hybrid advertising-production company put together one of the better product-demonstration ads we’ve seen this year. Maybe the task was simple (selling the Flip Mino hand held tiny video camera), maybe the idea is basic. It’s probably not going to win awards &#151 but it tells the viewer exactly why the Flip is a great product.

And it is. I’ve used one for the last 18 months. Both the standard and HD platforms are worth the money, and beat out the Vado in terms of ease-of-use. So if you’re in the market for a tiny video camera, be sure to watch the ad below &#151 as soon as the client approves the work and unlocks it (this is not the ad we want you to see, though it gets the point across). Until then, hope to see it on your TV, where it has already aired, but for some reason they can’t let us have it. Those AgencySpy kids will rip you apart, what with their words and all.

Bird Design and Media Storm collaborated.

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