Universal Studios Transforms Staples Center in Publicity Stunt

By Bob Marshall 

In an outdoor marketing stunt more creative and inspired than the last three Transformers movies combined, Universal Studios and agency David&Goliath morphed L.A.’s Staples Center into a scene of intergalactic destruction.

Publicizing Universal Studios’ new attraction, “Transformers: The Ride 3D” (which officially opened on Friday), David&Goliath’s team gave the Staples Center a drastic makeover in early April. Considering no one ever goes near downtown L.A. at night, it’s entirely possible that no one noticed people painting an 80-foot Deceptacon hole in the side of the building. As an added bonus, the chaotic scene even featured sandwich board-toting crazy people shouting about the end of days, adding an air of authenticity to the whole thing.

So, is the ride any good? According to Universal Studios park director Molly Orr, who was quoted in a story about the event on L.A.’s CBS affiliate, “Michael Bay, who directed the Transformer films, was one of the creative consultants on this ride.” In other words, though it may look cool, the ride lacks substance, much of a storyline, and is a punching bag for critics nationwide. In any case, expect explosions, and plenty of them.  D&G credits after the jump.

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