United Nations Turns 60 With Clooney’s Help

By Matt Van Hoven 

Creative Director Marty Cooke of SS + K (with the help of his team) put together this little spot to celebrate the United Nation’s 60th birthday.

(note: Um, so I can’t embed the video for some reason, so you’ll have to follow the link in the next paragraph…)

To commemorate the organization’s efforts, here’s a nice little spot by the SS + K folks. It’s a good thing.

Just a note about the spot, since this isn’t meant to be an ad-rating site (although we’re guilty of it from time to time). Notice the simplicity. I sense the team was sitting around asking themselves “What is Peace,” and conversely “What isn’t Peace.” Personally, I like being able to understand a team’s thinking when work is well done.

Even if it isn’t, that’s OK too.

We can all remember the first Virgin Mobile spots that left everyone thinking, “I have no idea what they were thinking, but it works.” I suppose that’s the exact opposite of the UN campaign. But in the end, understanding peace, and the tenets therein, is much more important than understanding your cell phone provider.