Uber’s Times Square Campaign Honors Ukraine’s Heroic Drivers

By Kyle O'Brien 

After nearly 600 days of full-scale war in Ukraine, a new phase of Uber’s “Keep Ukraine Moving” campaign has come to Times Square. The campaign honors Ukrainian drivers keeping their country moving and aims to help continue raising donations for United24, the official fundraising platform of Ukraine.

The Times Square campaign features two massive billboards that will play rotating video vignettes spotlighting heroic Ukrainian drivers, encouraging viewers to think about “What Makes a Hero?”


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Uber partnered with impact innovation agency Kin, which developed and executed the initiative in less than four weeks.

“Everyday the people of Ukraine show their commitment and dedication to keeping their country moving forward. Their resounding resilience inspired us,” explained Sophie Ozoux, co-founder of Kin in a statement.

This new initiative tells their stories on one of the biggest platforms imaginable. Kin also worked with Ukrainian production company Shelter to capture original content on the ground in Kyiv.

“Heroes of war are not just the soldiers as we learned. But the everyday people, including drivers with Uber, who continue living their lives and making a living in spite of the jeopardy and destruction all around them,” said Kwame Taylor-Hayford, co-founder of Kin in a statement.

The campaign directs people to donate to United24, the Ukrainian government’s fundraising platform to support the war effort, with whom Uber has partnered to help send life-saving ambulances to communities in urgent need.

“Since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Uber has funded 500,000-plus rides to bring refugees to safety, doctors to hospitals, and relief aid to frontline communities—all thanks to courageous drivers,” said Julia Paige, senior director of global social impact from Uber. “This initiative is our way of recognizing and honoring these remarkable men and women.”

In addition to its on-the-ground relief efforts, Uber has also raised over $10 million to date for aid to Ukraine from rider donations worldwide and the company’s own matching grants.