Typography Design Challenge of the Day: Sarcasm Font

By Matt Van Hoven 

You’re smart, creative people, and now you must do something for me. If not, you’ll be relegated to trying to figure out when things said on this blog are sarcastic or not. Our challenge to you is: design a sarcasm typeface. Or something. Is this an RFP? Of sorts, yes.

We know some people like to follow up their sarcasticy remarks with an asterisk (that’s this thing *), but that’s just plain stupid &#151 who can remember that? Take italics for example. When something is italicized you know exactly where the emphasis has been placed and so you go about your reading. The same thing is true with all-caps, though it’s a LESS effective method.


I digress, none of this helps solve the sarcasm problem. And, don’t call it snark, that’s the dumbest fucking word ever, next to “blog”. Like, what? Whoever invented the word is stupid. Sorry. That’s like saying, “I need to look something up on the net”, instead of saying “internet.” See I was being sarcastic there, but you had no way of knowing.

Back to the point: please fix this problem for me. I’m too busy weblogging on the internet.

Update: Apparently, this is already a movement.

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