Two by Four Introduces New Chicago Bears Outdoor Campaign

By Bob Marshall 

If you’re a football fan who watched the NFL preseason, you’re aware that the Chicago Bears don’t have a chance in hell at winning the Super Bowl this year. You know it’s bad when your city known as “where wide receivers go to die,” the only day your quarterback isn’t stumbling around the downtown area drunk is Sunday when he’s throwing interceptions and the your star offensive player is running back Matt Forte. Sure, you’re better than the Detroit Lions, but that’s like saying JaMarcus Russell had a better NFL career than Ryan Leaf. The outlook isn’t good.

So, cut Chicago agency Two by Four a break for having the arduous task of getting Bears fans excited about losing. Their “One City. One Team.” campaign has been flooding the streets of the city’s public transportation in an attempt to unite the divided Cubs/Sox fans into supporting their storied franchise. While the campaign has been in use the last couple of years, their new round of outdoor advertisements feature football laces combining Chicago’s culture with that of the Bears.

The Bears kick off the regular season Sunday with a home game against the Lions. It will mark the team’s 91st year in the NFL, and 25th anniversary of the 1985 rappin’ Super Bowl champions.

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