Two By Four Battles DraftFCB for Chicago Wiffle Ball Supremacy

By Bob Marshall 

In his 2007 song “The Good Life,” Kanye West spends a verse giving shout-outs to all of his favorite cities that, for Yeezy, are representative of a life that is in fact “good.” However, when he mentions his own hometown, West qualifies it by saying, “Summertime Chi.”

Now, many outside of the Windy City assume West’s seasonal mention is due to the fact that, outside of summer, Chicago is a depressing wasteland of frozen streets and city buses that travel in packs at 45-minute intervals. In actuality, West is commenting on Chicago’s wonderful midyear tradition of 16-inch softball. A local institution, 16-inch is played with an extra-large ball that allows fielders to play the game sans-gloves, a convenient attribute for those of us who don’t own athletic equipment and can’t be bothered to visit a sporting goods store during happy hour. There’s even a 16-inch Hall of Fame, because I am totally not making this shit up.


Unfortunately, many of those in the local advertising industry are burdened by long hours in the office, preventing us from journeying into the outdoors to imbibe Old Style and camaraderie in equal servings. So, the Chicago outlet of agency Two by Four is turning to the much more indoor-friendly game of Wiffle Ball instead, challenging DraftFCB to a Home Run Derby to happen on Thursday at 4pm CST.

The contest will take place at Two by Four’s 2-story domed offices, where the agency is known to throw a pretty awesome annual Christmas party. At stake is the above trophy, designed by Two by Four president and CCO David Stevenson, the title of “Best Mother (expletive deleted) Wiffle Ballers in the City So Suck It!” and a $500 tab at a local hotel bar. Two by Four employees will compete in a pre-derby target competition, with prizes listed after the jump.

May the best agency win.

  • Airfare for two, a two-night hotel stay, and two tickets to Major League Baseball’s 2013 Opening Day anywhere Opening Day is played (hit a spot on the floor)
  • A ride with Ferrari Guy (hit the Firestone sign)
  • A three night stay in the Wisconsin Dells (land ball in the sink)
  • A day off work (hit the exit sign)
  • And other various gift cards for hitting the keg, refrigerator and coffee maker