Twitter Page Upgraded

By Matt Van Hoven 

I’m curious about how you all stay updated, I’m sure that involves all sorts of RSS feeds, social media and whatnot. I’ve been barking for awhile about connecting to us via Twitter, in fact we have a new background, which looks kinda cool.

One thing I’ve noticed is how low-key the advertising is. Even home pages are relatively unfettered by the crap you now see on Facebook, MySpace etc (Nonetheless, Twitter has its problems; check out this piece on the FailWhale).

Obviously, the ads I’m speaking of are individuals providing tinyurls linking back to content they’ve writter (we’re guilty of this, too). I liken it to a live RSS feed, or sorts. Check out our cool new page here. The MediaBistro folks were kind enough to primp it up for us.

Stay connected! Check out ProBlogger’s post on Tweeting for beginners.