Twinlab wellness brands tap Circus Maximus for branding and digital

By Kyle O'Brien 

Health and wellness company Twinlab Consolidation Corporation (TCC) has partnered with Circus Maximus for a range of responsibilities across brand strategy, ecommerce, marketing, and media buying.

Circus Maximus will serve as an extension of TCC’s three top brands—Reserveage Nutrition and ResVitále in the beauty and wellness space, as well as its namesake brand, Twinlab. The agency is tasked with integrated digital, social, influencer and retail marketing campaigns to help drive sales and take advantage of the disruption of the post-pandemic wellness space.

“Connecting back to our roots, it became even more important for us to create a social community, lead with our commitment to authenticity through engaging and relevant content, and continue to elevate these brands as preeminent leaders in the health and wellness space,” Niki Simoneaux, vp, marketing at TCC, said in a statement.


Circus Maximus will be responsible for leading the strategy, creative, and execution of digital marketing, packaging, social media, and web design, an integrated effort to strengthen TCC’s brands and build out each product’s ecommerce pipeline, and will also be responsible for media buys across the three brands.

Ashley Richardson-George, head of strategy at Circus Maximus told Adweek that Twinlab has done mostly product-centric marketing and much of it has been by its in-house teams. “As a company they’ve focused on growing from the inside, and our partnership is a step towards a deeper understanding into the lives of their consumers and how their products enhance those lives,” she said.

Ryan Kutscher, founder and CCO of Circus Maximus, told Adweek: “A lot of brands benefit from seeing themselves from an outsider’s perspective to really hone in on their story, that’s been a part of building the brand beyond product. Helping brands balance product and brand messaging is our specialty.”

Circus Maximus has experience in the health and CPG spaces, with brands including Roman, Gillette, Ghost Democracy, and Smartwater. Recently, Circus Maximus launched the King C. Gillette sub-brand for P&G.