TweetShrink Cuts Down The Characters

By SuperSpy 

We know how much you love your Twitter, so we thought we’d mention our favorite new service to speed up your rapid communication with the larger advertising community. TweetShrink is kind of like the TinyURL for conversations.

Here’s an example – the following are lyrics from the Gangstarr song, “Work,” (see video above) which is 166 characters:

“Now I’m a start collecting props, connecting plots networking like a conference, cause the nonsense is yet to stop. Jakes shake me down, haters want to take me down. Break me down, clap, all they heard was the sound.”

TweetShrink revamped it to:

“Now I’m a srt collecting props, connecting plots networking lk a conference, cause the nonsense is yet 2 stp. Jakes shake me dn, haters wnt 2 take me dn. Break me dn, clap, all they hrd was the sound.”

Six characters shaved? Hot! The service was created by a company called Trnsfer. We spoke with one of the owners, Ajit D’Sa who told us that:
“I basically was thrown in the advertising mix trying to get a junior copywritng job right ater 9/11.

Every job posting I saw asked for 5-7 years experience, and I didn’t have any back-door contacts back then. So I decided to try the entrepreneurial route. I still love advertising though, and use my skills for our projects. It’s the “I don’t need your shitty agency to come up with a bad-ass strategy” approach. My title is actually “Sir Charge”. It’s more of a nickname than a title, but I’ve embraced it.”

On how TweetShrink was born: “We were basically frustrated with how you have to edit tweets when you go over the 140 limit and wished there was a way to do it. So we created TweetShrink in a weekend. It’s gotten pretty popular since Tweetdeck integrated it. Now that that Tweetie integrated it in their iPhone app, we are super happy!

We have already built Schmownce, Hunido, FollowBill and we also co-own Next week we launch our biggest project to date: Bandize.”

Well, sweet then. Go enjoy TweetShrink. I know Matt is.

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