Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-According to the new Lexus ads for the 2022 NX crossover, the rules of success have changed. A campaign, called “Hustle for What Matters” leans heavily into the digital and streaming space in an effort to connect with many segments of the Lexus demographic.

Seven spots in the campaign include “Hustle,” from Team One, which depicts new takes on traditional rules for getting ahead, “Elevate,” from Walton Isaacson, where a pair of Black filmmakers leverage the intuitive technology found in the all-new NX to capture great action, and “Defy,” also from Walton Isaacson, focused on the Hispanic audience.


-Let’s look back at 2021 one more time for Adweek’s most popular stories of the year.

-We lost an absolute legend when Betty White died at 99. Adweek looked back at her most memorable ads.

-CES starts Wednesday but it will be mostly virtual for many attendees, as many brands and guests have opted out due to the rise in Covid-19 cases.

-As part of our Columnist Network, here is the first installment in a series on sustainability with Jonathan Hanson, co-founder and CCO of Unconquered examining the principles of sustainability through a human lens.

-Adweek packaged up its War for Talent series for easy reading.

-Pabst Blue Ribbon had a novel, if somewhat coarse idea for those practicing dry January. The brand did end up removing the tweets and calling out a rogue employee, but not before the Twitterverse had some fun with it.

-Check out the latest podcast from Twenty Thousand Hertz, presenting the story of how a catchy five-note McDonald’s jingle conquered the planet—from its humble beginnings at a German ad agency, to being sung by globally famous pop stars.