Tuesday Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Advertising agency barrettSF has created a fall multimedia marketing campaign for Northern California healthcare provider Sutter Health that reinforces an understanding of what people have been going through during the pandemic.

The campaign centerpiece is a 30-second spot. “Mask” follows a man over the course of a day as he interacts with other people in person and through various devices while wearing facial protection. As different people ask about his day, he pauses, then offers a halfhearted affirmative answer. As the ad proceeds, a voiceover reminds: “We’re all wearing masks. Some of us, more than one.” It isn’t until day’s end that he’s able to remove this emotional mask and be honest. “Not great,” he finally answers.

-How BBDO Atlanta is using TikTok to spread information about sex trafficking.


-AmEx has Small Business Saturday. Now, the agency world has Small Agency Monday. It’s a project between indie trade bodies like WPI, Tribe Global and Magnet Global Network, founded and led by OOH company Billups.

-How former Wieden+Kennedy executive producer Sue Kim got her Speedcubers Netflix documentary made.

-Warner Chappell Music Publishing svp, sync and creative services Keith D’Arcy talks R.E.M., record collecting and music podcasts.

-WPP-owned agency Blue State is forming a union.