Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-In 2022, to combat inflation, Canadian pizza chain Pizza Pizza came up with a Fixed-Rate Pizza offer. It proved so popular that the chain is continuing the trend, with a new campaign from Zulu Alpha Kilo that feels like a banking ad. The new campaign portrays Pizza Pizza as a fanciful new Pizza Bank, dedicated to helping Canadians get the best rates on their pizza. The campaign is promoting a new year of the Fixed-Rate Pizza, a four-topping XL pizza for $17.99 that’s guaranteed not to increase all year.

-The latest magical Chinese New Year ad from TBWA\Media Arts Lab Shanghai follows a girl through to adulthood and her search for herself amidst her insecurities.


-Doritos is introducing a new brand platform to reach a multi-generational audience with the beginning of a global campaign that will help it redesign the meaning of “bold.”

-Former Wieden+Kennedy ecd Jason Bagley has recruited some very talented friends for his Audacious School of Astonishing Pursuits, a series of classes for working ad pros.

-On the latest episode of Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad, candy brand Nerds talks about the brand’s first Super Bowl ad with Addison Rae.

-On another podcast episode, We Are Rosie’s managing director of creative strategy, Marie Lamonica, discusses what it’s like to work in a flexible workplace after being agency and brand-side for 15 years.

-Paramount has sold out inventory on Nickelodeon for its Super Bowl 58 alternate telecast.