Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-When the famously caustic Aubrey Plaza asks a question, she expects an answer. But she’s not getting much feedback from the blush-colored vodka drink in front of her—it’s sleek and silent.

So a mixologist steps in to clarify the defining ingredient of the cosmo that Plaza is sipping. Spoiler: it’s Cointreau.


The White Lotus star, who debuted her partnership with the heritage brand in the “MargaWrong” campaign in June, continues her saucy collaboration with another ad that taps into her deadpan comedic style. This time, the focus is on the classic holiday cocktail, the cosmopolitan.

For the 30-second “Keep it Cosmo,” she’s joined by Toby Cecchini, a veteran bartender who put in “the work of experimenting for 15 minutes” and created the libation in the ‘80s that’s still popular some 35 years later.

Plaza called the drink “classy, sassy and oh-so-sophisticated,” per a statement.

Since the launch of “MargaRight,” Cointreau has logged a 5% bump in sales versus last year and an increase of 1 point in market share, with the brand now accounting for 33% of total orange cordial sales, per Nielsen.The spots were a PR success as well, with 119 million views across social channels for more than 500 million impressions. Plaza’s relationship with the brand will through the end of 2023. – T.L. Stanley

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