Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Your bank can have a big impact on your savings and wealth, as recent events have shown. Ally Financial and agency Anomaly wants to let consumers know that Ally is a financial institution that has your back. The campaign, “IconicALLY,” reinforces the idea that “we’re all better off with an ally” in the most important financial moments of life. The 60-second spot depicts a father and daughter playing soccer in a front yard, a couple on a romantic date, and fans cheering on their team, along with contextual words that end in “a-l-l-y” to underscore the significance of having an ally in your corner.

-Former Burger King and Activision Blizzard CMO Fernando Machado is now the chief marketer at plant-based food company NotCo.

Annie Murphy and Eric Andre show off how the new BIC razor performs in the shower in a humorous new campaign.

-On the latest Young Influentials podcast, Adweek sits down with vp of marketing Patrick Buchanan as he shares his journey into the fashion realm and how Good American promotes DEI.

-Adweek explores how brands should and should not communicate with Gen Alpha.

-According to research, a campaign created to drive awareness of how to correctly pronounce Hyundai’s name drove the highest increase in word of mouth during the first month of the year.

Nathan Friedman, co-president and chief marketing officer at Understood.org, writes about how having navigating dyslexia landed him in the C-suite.

-Cricket Wireless is inviting people to destress at their desks with its first ever playable ad created in collaboration with agency Argonaut and OS Studios featuring two members of Cricket’s crew of characters. Miles and Lucy become 8-bit characters as they embark on a journey to vacation through a cityscape dotted with unobtrusive in-game Cricket billboard ads. The game will appear as a banner ad on a variety of desktop sites and mobile apps, as well as the brand’s website.