Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-The Mammoth Lakes area of California is a stunningly beautiful area that outdoor lovers are encouraged to flock to in a new campaign by The Shipyard. “The Real Unreal,” for Mammoth Lakes Tourism is designed to lure visitors to the Eastern Sierras, where mountains are high, snow is deep, and some scenery looks other-worldly. The Shipyard’s campaign, shot by acclaimed adventure sports photographer and Mammoth Lakes local Christian Pondella, spotlights the destination’s “wonderlust”—a constant sense of adventure visitors can experience in just one location.

-Omnicom Media Group is calling for almost all of its employees to learn about its Omni operating system, making Omni certification an employee KPI.


-Wherever audiences go, so does advertising, and brands are getting scarily good at spooky marketing—with some even casting their own products as the villain.

-Adidas has kept quiet about its association with Kanye (Ye) West, but the brand is under extreme pressure to break with the outspoken rapper and entrepreneur. As of this morning, the brand finally divorced itself from Ye.

-Biotech brand Genentech launched “Question Reality,” a short film by GS&P that highlights the health experiences and questions of a Black woman.

Ricardo Baca, founder and CEO of Grasslands, writes that his agency has a cannabis stipend for employees and other agencies should as well.

-Stay up to date on what brands are doing to market at the upcoming World Cup.