Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 


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-February 13 is Galentine’s Day for female friendships and Valentine’s Day is for your sweetie, but a Canadian restaurant decided to extend the days of love with a made-up holiday today: “Palentine’s Day.” Casual dining chain Jack Astor’s is promoting bromances and close male friendships with the new holiday and a promo that lets guys eat, play and hang out together.

The day is celebrated through a social video campaign developed by agency partner The Garden. The video mimics the organic—and often decidedly DIY videos that content creators shoot—and shows three guys playing beer pong, video games and eating burgers and chicken tenders while getting bromantic.

-There’s still plenty of residual Super Bowl energy, as people continue to analyze the game and the ads. Adweek took a look at the electric vehicle push during the game.

-Jeep’s newest ad from agency Highdive encourages viewers to turn on the captioning feature to watch colorful descriptions of singing animals.

-Speaking of Highdive, the Chicago indie agency topped the USA Today Ad Meter again, and Adweek dug into how the small shop keeps up its Super Bowl cred.

-Water company Liquid Death saw a big payoff from its regional Super Bowl commercial filled with hard-partying children.

-Meta has banned bidet company Tushy’s Valentine’s Day ad because it used the words “butt” and “fart.”

-Samsung is telling an unusual tale of love in its ad for its Galaxy S22 Ultra phone, and it involves a furry spider.

-If you saw the pre-game Super Bowl spot with John Legend asking people to sleep with him for mindfulness company Headspace, here’s a follow up.