Tuesday Odds & Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

In your Tuesday news round-up, learn about what’s happening with the ad market (it’s plunging, says nay-saying Nielsen), who else is kicking Starbucks in the balls, which Office star is in her very own commercial and some other less-fun-to-say stuff.

&#151 Haha, back in the day they used Celophane to keep children fresh. link

&#151 Nielsen says, “grab your ankles and pray, ad biz.” link

&#151 Nescafe is all like, ‘whatever Starbucks, you blow goats.’ They didn’t really say that. link

&#151 Mindshare is launching a social media unit called, “SocialMedia8.” What happens when socialmedia9 becomes all the rage? It’s OK, there’s no such thing. link
&#151 Clairol picked the least friendly cast-member from ‘The Office’ for their new ad, in which said actor plays a ‘Guardian Girlfriend.’ It’s Angela. link

&#151 Mark-Paul Gosselaar, aka Zack Morris, looks exactly like he did in the 90s. See video.