Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

Hey look, the sun came up again and now it’s time to share the random little tidbits that make the world go round. Good thing the President has the stimulus thing under way so that people with 16 kids can go on TV and talk about how their lives have changed.

&#151 B|NET’s Jim Edwards noticed a gaping hole in AdAge’s recent interview with Leo Burnett CEO Tom Bernardin &#151 they didn’t ask about that $15.5 million fraud case. WTF? link


&#151 U.S. supermarket, newsstand magazine sales tumble. link

&#151 Yahoo Might Buy Tumblr, New York’s Cutest Startup. link

&#151 George Parker is finally happy about something. Is it the ad-industry? Oh, no, it’s the launch of his new book, The Ubiquitous Persuaders. On sale now! link

&#151 Spelling Bee Minus: Over Half of Americans are ‘Embarased'(sic) by Spelling. link

&#151 R/GA’s new Web site about ‘textual harassment’ is making the news. Glad they didn’t do a site about equal pay for all people, cuz, that’d be hypocritical! link

&#151 Some folks are working together to get Feb. 28th named, “Rare Disease Day.” link

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