Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Matt Bennett and Will Battersby joined AKQA as a creative team.

-Discovery Channel’s The Colony (above), which was promoted via a campaign from Campfire, debuts tonight. link

-Yahoo’s claiming that comScore underreported its U.S. page views by 1 billion last June. link

-The Direct Marketing Association appointed former Grey Direct Global Network boss Lawrence M. Kimmel to CEO. link

-The city of Chicago is voting this week on whether to allow advertising on bridges. link

-What’s your next huge idea? One creative wants to know. link

-Creative director tries out for politics. link

-Meet Tim Tebow, Jockey pitchman. link

-Indelible launched a back-to-school social media campaign for Sears. link

-Toronto-based Holiday Films signed director Julian Pugsley to their roster for Canadian commercial representation. link

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