Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Patrick Coffee 

-Dubai agency FP7 MENA and children’s retailer Babyshop “rebranded” the Arabic word for parenthood to include the word “mother” in honor of Mother’s Day. The work has gotten a lot of media attention in the Arab world.

-Baton Rouge agency MESH came up with a pretty clever pun for a local seafood spot. (Yes, you’re gonna have to click through.)

-Pizza Hut ended its relationship with Droga5 after two years, which is like 14 in Pizza Hut years.

-Heineken pulled its “Sometimes, lighter is better” ads from YouTube after Chance the Rapper deemed them “terribly racist.”

-Cerritos, CA marketing agency Wil Power Entertainment promoted the upcoming Tyler Perry, Taraji P. Henson movie “Acrimony” by staging activations in beauty salons around the country.

-It’s not just your agency: the new ANA report says client organizations aren’t very diverse, either.

-L.A.’s Wondros added acclaimed producer Sophie Gold of Star Wars/Nissan integration fame to its leadership team.