Friday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

-FCB West explains “How To Get The Upgrade” (video above) and “How To Get To Work On Time” in the second installment of its “Always On” campaign for Dockers.

-Hearts & Science hired A.J. Storinge as executive director, media on its AT&T account.

-The Martin Agency pledged to “Free The Bid.”

-#MeToo hit big on the client side this week as Universal fired two prominent members of its marketing team—EVP of creative strategy and research Seth Byers and senior VP of marketing Scott Abraham—while placing president of marketing Josh Goldstine on leave for “inappropriate conduct.”

-Fallon is behind a new New York City-based branding campaign for the Big Ten Network.

-Los Angeles agency Mistress trolls Trump with a President’s Day promo for E! series The Royals starring Elizaebeth Hurley. Fake Queen, fake news.

-Murphy Cobb Associates’ Adam Kirby is not a fan of the term “non-working spend.”