Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Patrick Coffee 

-Grey New York, DJ Dipha Barus, Vince Staples and the Marriott took a musical trip to Bali.

-Austin agency Door Number 3 hired Noah Davis of The Swizzle Creative as its new executive creative director last month.

-Anomaly Amsterdam won a pitch to promote IKEA’s sustainability work. We’re still angry at them about last Sunday afternoon, when we spent three fucking hours assembling a chest of drawers.

-Accenture Interactive acquired yet another agency, buying French retail shop Altima for an estimated $100 million-plus.

-AdAge talked to the creative director at Sean Combs’ Blue Flame Agency.

-Why is Amazon the brand labeled “most authentic” by consumers? No, really: in what fucking way could a mass retailer that primarily sells storage space possibly be seen as keeping it real?

-WPP retail agency SET promoted Alasdair Lloyd-Jones as its new CEO.