Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

Toronto-based Giants & Gentlemen launched a new campaign for Day’s Inn (video above). 

-Business Insider released its annual “30 Most Creative People in Advertising” list, but of course you’ve already read it and got pissed about it.

-Freelance creative Craig Miller has a secret pitch weapon: comedy!

Rich Siegel has had it with “radical incrementalism,” or agencies doing the same thing and claiming it’s different.

-Dididay claims Unilever is trying to buy innovation by scooping up Seventh Generation. That should work.

GroupM is not happy about Facebook’s decision to block ad blockers.

AdColor says agencies might have to challenge clients on diversity rather than things going the other way. Will that really happen?

-Clayton, “one of America’s largest homebuilders,” appointed full-service agency The Tombras Group as its as its national media buying and analytics agency of record following a review.

-Passionbrands co-founder Helen Edwards says “Brand loyalists have nothing to teach you.”