Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Kellogg’s dumps JWT for Leo Burnett. link

-Wisk laundry detergent now has a Facebook app. link

-Cookie Jar Entertainment launched a Hulu-like site for kids. link

-Kelly Fuller and Justin Bayett, formally of Stimmung and MJZ respectively, launched LA-based music/sound design company Barking Owl. link

-Dentsu, Japan’s largest ad agency, is looking to expand its base. link

-New Jersey GOP candidate Chris Christie is using behavioral targeting to reach voters. link

-Gawker TV makes its debut. link

-Bob Marley’s heirs have hired a Canadian firm to help protect their trademark rights to the Marley brand. link

-A Wiccan employee files a sexual/religious discrimination suit against Google. link

-A YouTube vid helps an unfortunate car owner get a free Hyundai in Canada. link

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